LUK is looking to expand our network of Intensive Foster Care Homes and DYS Foster Care Homes by identifying individuals to provide nurturing environments that can meet the unique needs of the children we provide services to. Youth are between the ages of birth and 22 and we are looking for them to reside in Central Massachusetts and Greater Lowell. As a foster parent, you become part of the LUK team, and you will have the support of a Family Resource Specialist for as long as you are a foster parent. 

Foster families come in all shapes and sizes. Foster parents may be married, single, or cohabitating, they may own their own home or rent, and they are from diverse backgrounds. If you have room in your heart and your home, consider becoming a foster parent..

 All children and youth referred through either IFC or DYS are provided the following services:

  •  Case Management
  •  Service Planning
  •  Crisis Management
  •  24 Hour Placement Supervisor On-Call
  •  Recruitment, study and supervision